List of EAGC Contracts

Contract Description Contract Forms Contract Rules Contract No 2: Ex Warehouse (ExW) Download contract form: ExW Download Contract Rules Contract No 4: Free Carrier (Fca) Download contract form: FCa Download Contract Rules Contract No 6: Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDUP) Download contract form: DDUP Download Contract Rules Contract No 8: Delivered Duty Paid … Read more

Services & Benefits to Members

EAGC services will include but not limited to the following; Conducive environment for the public and private  sector to work together Timely and Accurate Market Information Standardized grain trading contracts Quick arbitration dispute settlement Warehouse inspection and certification Promotion of the development of a Commodity Exchange The members’ benefits will … Read more

Online Membership Registration Form

Please note: The fields marked with an “*” are mandatory Organization Information Organization Name* Core Business* (e.g. trader, producer, processor, national level association, (inputs, banking, insurance etc) Date of Incorporation * Physical Address * Postal Address * Telephone Number(s)* (e.g. +254-20-123457) Fax Number(s) (e.g. +254-20-123457) Email Address* Website (If Any) … Read more