Please make sure your stand is manned at all times. You are only allowed to brand in and round your tent and for any other branding you must clear with the organizers.


Identification badges will be issued free to all exhibitors, the number of badges will be allocated according to the category at which you have entered.


Security guards will be provided by the organizers. There will be 24 hours uniformed guards at the venue, but it is recommended that you do not leave any items that are of great value, that are easily move-able.

EAGC and its partners will not provide cover for any form of insurance. Insurance should be provided by business fair exhibitor.


As the venue has limited area where power supply is easily available, your request must be made in advance for allocation of exhibiting area.


As an exhibitor you are entitled to a free entry in the catalogue, which will display your company’s name, address and contact details with a company profile write up provided by you that fits into the category you will have selected.

The dead line for the write up is 20th May, 2014. To assist you in providing us with a relevant, informative company description, here are some guidelines which you may find helpful:
Make sure the information is typewritten so that mistakes are minimized.

Give a brief description of what your company is exhibiting (products and services) that will be on your stand. Don’t forget to mention any new products or services being launched at this year’s show.

Your address, email, telephone and fax details will be included by us at the beginning of the entry.

Please note: We cannot guarantee that entries received after the deadline will be included in the catalogue and the Organizers take no responsibility for the omission of any exhibitor who fails to complete and return the relevant forms in due time.

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