Exhibitors have registered with the inquiries from potential exhibitors still ongoing; The exhibition categories and charges are: Platinum – Ugx 1,500,000 Gold – Ugx 1,000,000 Silver -Ugx 800,000 Bronze -Ugx 700,000 Exhibitions are in the following sectors: Farm Inputs suppliers (Fertilizers, Seed & Agrochemicals) Irrigation system & Greenhouse suppliers Livestock … Read more


Sylvia Amatta, the Receptionist, has been awarded the Staff of the Quarter! Sylvia has demonstrated a marked improvement in her work ethics which has been noted and recognised. As a receptionist, she has consistently provided very good logistical and meticulous information to Staff and Board members regarding their travels. She … Read more


The Eastern Africa Grain Council hosted the Kenya Stakeholders’ Validation Workshop on the East Africa Standards (EAS) 2013 Staple Foods Standards Survey Report on 29th April 2015 at the Boma Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. The workshop brought together technical experts and grain value chain actors, including representatives of farmers, traders, … Read more

ATPAF-ESA Bulletin III | Risk Management Mechanisms Towards Structured Grain Trade and Food Security in Eastern and Southern Africa

The Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) has been in the forefront of advocating for an enabling policy environment and promoting structured trade in grains in the ESA region. The Agricultural Trade Policy Advocacy Forum for Eastern and Southern Africa (ATPAF-ESA) was established for the purposes of providing a platform where … Read more


In this issue: “The Pulse is in the Pulses” – Exploiting the Pulses Trade Potential The Food Crops Draft Regulations – Reviewing the Impacts to the Sector. The demand for EAGC’s warehouse certification grows daily Village Aggrega-tion Centres (VACs), a reprieve for farmers in the region On knowing your Member … Read more