EAGI Training Calendar 2017

The Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) through its specialized training and capacity building division EAGI wishes to introduce to you our 2017 Training Calendar and invite you to train with us.

EAGI aims to advance research, knowledge and expertise development within the grain industry in the Eastern Africa region. This is delivered through innovative training modes designed to suit our client’s needs. Our training modes include but not limited to; Institute based short-term courses; training workshops and field visits and tailored institutional courses. The trainings blend both theory and practical sessions.


Our training courses are:

·         Post- Harvest Handling and Management ·         Warehouse Operations Management
·         Fumigation ·         Grading
·         Milling Operations ·         Warehouse Receipting Financing
·         Introduction to Structured Trading Systems ·         Structured Commodity Trade Financing
·         Agribusiness Financing Opportunities and Risk Management ·         Web 2.0


Note: The Institute is registered as a trainer with National Industrial Training Authority. The Institute’s registration number is NITA/TRN/1118. Kenyan participants who are registered levy contributors should apply to NITA for reimbursement of their fees. Remember that to qualify you should apply to NITA for approval prior to the date of the conference.

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