Regional Updates;

  • Africa Grain Summit Sets Pace for food security and prosperity in Africa pg.2
  • There is need to mainstream Agricultural Risk Management into policy in developing countries , says EAGC pg.3
  • EAGC Contributes to the efforts to End Hunger in the Horn of Africa.pg.4

Country Updates;

  • Tanzania: EAGC Lead Private sector Trade Negotiations with Oman Business Delegation pg.3
  • Kenya: Kenyan Grain Farmer Organizations boost their income from EAGC interventions.pg.4
  • Malawi: EAGC expands her membership and partnership footprint in Malawi pg.5
  • Malawi: Good news for EAGC Malawi members on possible collaboration with Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub (SATIH) pg.5
  • Uganda: EAGC pushes for National Grain Trade Policy strategy to increase competitiveness
  • Uganda: National Grain Trade Policy strategy will be solution to sector competitiveness pg.6
  • Uganda: Uganda embraces Warehouse Receipt System pg.6

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