Grain Council Moves to save grain handlers from Substandard Storage Facilities


EAGC Launches Initiative to Support Development of Standards for Hermetic Storage Technologies in Kenya

The 1st Grain Stakeholders Consultative Meeting on the Development of HSTs Standards in Kenya, held on 30th, January 2018 at PrideInn Hotel, Westlands Nairobi.

 [Nairobi, Kenya, 30th January 2018] The Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) has today launched an initiative to support development of Standards for Hermetic Storage Technologies used in the grain sector in Kenya. This will be a very exciting journey as EAGC and the grain stakeholders who were present at the meeting will be the first team in the world to come up with the Hermetic Bags standards.

Hermetic Storage Technologies are insulated air tight storage devices (bags & bins) that do not allow air getting in or out, thereby depleting the oxygen and suffocating the insects and stopping their respiration and multiplication. It thus eliminates insect infestation without use of pesticides making it safer, environmentally friendly and cost effective in reducing post-harvest losses.


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