RFP No. RFP-EAGC-2018-008

Issue date Thursday, 15th March 2018


Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) is a membership not-for-profit organization founded in 2006 to serve the interests of the grain value chain stakeholders in the Eastern Africa region. Its membership comprises of all levels of the value chain including input suppliers, producers, traders and processors. The overarching goal of the Council is to contribute to the integration of national and regional grain markets, and by so doing increase market access and incomes for the grain value chain stakeholders, especially the smallholder farmers.

The Council’s thrust is to develop and promote a structured grain trading systems that stimulates backward and forward linkages between the various levels of value chain actors resulting in increased opportunities for the smallholder farmers to participate in formal structured grain markets. To achieve these objectives, EAGC has been implementing the GSoko system intended to link grain suppliers and buyers across East Africa through a structured market mechanism.

2. Problem Statement

Despite the benefits of cross-border trade in grains/food commodities, intra-regional food trade remains low compared with food trade with the rest of the world. Largely non-tariff barriers hamper the formal intra-regional grain trade. Formal cross-border trade may also be hindered by limited knowledge and understanding of formal trade procedures and requirements by value chain actors, particularly small and medium-sized traders. Sometimes the cross-border trade requirements and procedures change abruptly, and traders are not informed of these changes, or there could be inconstancies in implementing the policies. These barriers are not regularly documented, especially not with accompanying evidence.

EAGC’s Market Information Systems (MIS) supports the development of national and regional market information for trade and policy decision-making. Through its web-based system, the Regional Agricultural Trade Intelligence Network (RATIN) generates, analyses, disseminates, sorts and retrieves market information that is pertinent for decision-making.

EAGC publishes a monthly bulletin called the EAGC Grain Watch. This is a bulletin that packages the market information collected through RATIN, and other sources, and provides a monthly snapshot of the grain market prices and cross-border trade flows. The bulletin features grain wholesale and retail prices traded in different regional markets in Eastern Africa and shows its movement across borders. However, EAGC wishes to produce and publish a quarterly Regional Grain Watch Bulletin with comprehensive analysis of grain market trends and forecasts. The analysis would provide insights on trade policy interventions that facilitates structured grain trade.

3. Objective of the Assignment

EAGC wishes to engage the services of a qualified consultant/ firm to produce and publish the Quarterly Regional Grain Watch. The objective of this assignment is to produce and publish the inaugural bulletin. The assignment will involve analyzing the available RATIN data based on the monthly bulletins published in January and February, and the data generated in March and production of a quality publication.

This consultant must work with EAGC to achieve the following.
i. Position the bulletin and establish an editorial content strategy.
ii. Use monthly bulletins and market information derived from RATIN and partner sources to author, write and edit compelling content for the bulletin.
iii. Use photos, graphs and info-graphics to compel the readers to act, and for visual appeal.
iv. Design and print 1000 copies of the Grain Watch Bulletin .
v. Create a digital/online version of the publication to display on the EAGC’s website.

4. Duration

This consultancy involves production, publication and printing. We expect the bulletin to be printed by end of March 2018.

5. Submission of Proposals

Interested consultant/ firms are required to submit an expression of interest proposal with the following:
• An introduction of the consultant/ firm
• Understanding of EAGC requirements
• Previous experience in providing technical assistance of similar nature
• Description of proposed approach Cost proposal.

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