EAGC Kenya Weekly Update

During the CPC meeting, Davine presented the achievements of the program activities which included:

AGRA Project

Highlights of the updates and achievements for the period July 2015-June 2018

  • Increased price spread of 21% paid to farmers across the project period
  • 35,035 MT of grain aggregated and sold throughout the project period
  • 15,176MT of grain stored in certified warehouses. Grain stored in the warehouses was 8445 by farmers
  • A Total of 109 aggregation centres established.
  • 62 buyers identified and linked to farmers for procurement of grain.  91 contracts of 31,635MT of grain were signed
  • Ksh 43 million under WRS and Ksh. 25,686,000 was issued from other sources on account of the aggregated grain.


Reporting for the period: April-June 2018

  • 19 SMEs initial engagements were held with SMEs. 8 agreements for SME mentorship were signed between SMEs and BASPs.
  • 26 participants were trained on Organizational Management & Development.
  • 14 participants were trained on stock and storage management.


  • 5 GTBHs identified & 4 grain buyers identified to work with the hubs
  • 3 Input companies identified and briefed (1 seed company and 2 fertilizer company)


  • 25,254 farmers mobilized and trained on on-farm grain management
  • 23,828 farmers mobilized and trained on good grain storage practices and technologies
  • 22,443 farmers mobilized and trained on group management skills
  • 19,029 farmers mobilized and trained on marketing and sensitized on WRS
  • 3 market linkage meetings held between buyers and farmer group leaders from Embu, Tharaka and Kitui counties
  • 29,650 MT volumes of grains aggregated and sold through structured markets
  • 29,650 MT volumes of grains aggregated and sold through structured markets


  • Conducted diagnostic survey for the Gaps in the Hermetic Technology markets.
  • Hosted the Validation meeting for the HST Technologies
  • Hosted the Budget Synopsis Meeting
  • Representation in the meeting for development of the National Climate Change Action Plan


  • A total of 911 stakeholders reached through various meetings and recruited into RATIN SMS.
  • 193 stakeholders added into the EAGC-RATIN mailing list and are receiving the RATIN news.

Matters that came up during the CPC meeting

  1. A need to increase awareness on the Interfield labs for members through social media
  2. Follow up accreditation with relevant institutions such as KENAS (Kenya National Accreditation Services) the national accreditation and specific conformity assessment activities such as lab testing, certification and inspecting bodies.

This is all in line with the harmonized/revised EAC standards that were gazetted and launched in Kenya early this year.

Kenya SMEs in the grain sector join the EAGI Mentorship programme

With the support of the EAGI regional team, the Kenya team met with 3 EAGC SMEs and sensitized them on the mentorship program where a grain business is linked to the services of a pre-qualified Business Advisory Service Provider (BASP) (mentor/coach) who is an industry expert and a practicing agri-entrepreneur vetted and approved by the Council. The linkage is done to allow the BASP to guide and provide technical support to the grain SME in areas where they are facing challenges in their businesses.

Members engaged include:

  • Hottiserve EA Ltd who are  willing to be mentored on the following thematic areas: Strategic business planning & Innovative grain trading and are willing to also participate in the SBP training scheduled for August 2018.
  • Others include Mace Global , Meru Multi-Purpose Cooperative ,Simba Mfalme ,Sorghum Pioneer Agencies , Quinam Investments ,Kigelia Fresh Produce and Smart Logisitics Solutions

Preparation for the Upcoming Kenya ABF scheduled for 16th-17th August

In preparation for the Agribusiness Expo some potential exhibitors were met and they confirmed their participation; Techno Brain, Sorela Supplies ,Stanbic Bank.Further follow up to firm up participation of exhibitors will be made to ; Acre Africa ,Techno brain and Empire Digital .Muharata Food Company, Kentainers Limited  and Grainpro Kenya Brazagro Ltd,Scales and Software,Elgon Kenya and Cimbria East Africa who all confirmed participation

Techno Brain Company

  • Agreed to participate in both the Kitale & Meru exhibitions
  • Identified opportunities for collaboration on Gsoko through Techno Brain’s technology for using predictive, scientific data to inform farmers on weather updates for planting /sowing and soil analyses.

Sorela Supplies

  • To follow up for a filled exhibitor form

Stanbic Bank

Confirmed sponsorship for the Kitale ABF but further follow up will be needed to firm up the confirmation through submitted filled sponsorship forms.

 Preparations for the Meru Pulses Expo Trade Fair

Kenya team started planning for the Meru Pulses Trade Fair. 12 input service providers were targeted and mobilized for demo preparations. These included: Pannar Seed, Seedco ,Safari Seeds ,Real IPM ,Yara Fertilizer ,Pioneers Seeds ,Kenya Seed Co ,Kenagro, Junaco ,Elgon Kenya Ltd ,East African Seeds and Continental Seeds.

The Expo will assist stakeholders in creating awareness on their new Agri-based technologies and identifying opportunities for partnerships with other like-minded stakeholders.

 Membership development

During interactions with the Kenya team Kentainers paid 500 USD for membership.

EAGC Participated in the workshop on blending of flours

Davine Minayo, represented EAGC during the Workshop on blending of Flours in Naivasha, Kenya. The meeting was convened by Ministry of Agriculture. The workshop was on development of standards for blended flours from 16th-18th July 2018.Targeted crops for blending are millet 216,437Mt, cassava 2.4 million MT, cassava 448,907Mt and Amaranthas 138,330Mt and other crops i.e sweet potato, sesame, foursquare and soya (437,000Mt)

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