September Members Update

Dear Member,
Welcome to the September members update.
EAGC continues to pursue its vision of being “the leading voice for the grain industry in Africa”. This is through its four key functions ; structuring grain trade systems, provision of market information, policy and advocacy work as well as capacity building through the Grain Institute. In the month of September 2018, the Council facilitated trade linkages in DR Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia and Malawi trade deals worth USD 14.6 M of 22,446MT were signed.
EAGC continued to develop, facilitate and support structured grain trading that is profitable and inclusive where we enhanced the confidence of support service providers such as financial institutions and insurance companies to consider the opportunities in the grain sector through the Grade trade Business Hubs Initiative. To strengthen and complement its service offering for stakeholder benefits ,EAGC this month explored partnerships with several like minded organisations .
This newsletter shares both Regional and Country specific updates which EAGC achieved for you our members and this could not have been realised without your support and collaboration. We thank you for your active participation in the Council’s activities and look forward to working with you more closely to achieve the plans ahead of us in the Coming Month as we promote ease of structured grain trade as well as institutional strengthening and growth.
I also take this chance to welcome you to participate in our various upcoming trainings in Uganda and Tanzania and in the Grains and Pulses Conclave ,Meru Edition. The Grains & Pulses Conclave is the first edition of a series of such events lined up to be hosted in the year 2019 in 22 counties , which were mapped by EAGC during a recent study as part of the pulses belt in Kenya. EAGC will be collaborating with County Governments to jointly promote grains and pulses production, post-harvest handling and marketing through exposing farmers to best agronomic practices, innovations and technologies.
Enjoy the reading!!!!!!

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