EAGC Members Update -February Edition

Dear Member,

Welcome to the February members update.

First and fore most, I take this opportunity to welcome 5 companies which joined the EAGC family during the month of February 2019. These include: Clinton Foundation in Malawi, Reseau Commercial Et Agricole SARL in DR Congo,Dow elef Agrofarm Limited in Tanzania, Minoterie De Likasi in DR Congo and Financial Access Commerce and Trade Services (FACTS) in Kenya.

EAGC continues to pursue its vision of being “the leading voice for the grain industry in Africa” through its four key functions ; Structuring grain Trade Systems, provision of market information, trade policy and advocacy work as well as capacity building through the Grain Business Institute with the aim of delivering grain trade, more trade and better grain trade.

EAGC’s strategic focus for the next five years is on delivering “More Trade” and “Better Trade” for its members in region. These goals are expected to be achieved by improving efforts to promote structured trade, an enabling environment for grain trade and institutional strengthening for institutional sustainability. To enhance service delivery to EAGC members the secretariat has been focusing on membership engagements to establish members’ needs and develop solutions to address these needs.

EAGC’s strides towards the adoption of the Warehouse Receipt System (WRS) Bill in Kenya saw the Council hosting a retreat for Members of Parliament (National Assembly) in Kenya to discuss the WRS Bill which is currently at the Senate level for consideration and eventually accentuation by the President of the Republic of Kenya.

The Council continues to spearhead the process of developing Standards for Hermetic Storage Technologies (HST) in Kenya where it convened a workshop to review draft standards for Hermetic Storage was hosted for key stakeholders.

To deliver its mandate to members, EAGC continued to seek for partnerships opportunities with like minded organizations to compliment EAGC service offering.

This newsletter shares both regional and country specific updates which EAGC achieved for you members and this could not have been realised without your support and collaboration.

We thank you for your active participation in the Council’s initiatives and look forward to working with you more closely to achieve the plans ahead of us in the coming month as we promote ease of grain trade, enhance the promotion of structured grain trading as well as institutional strengthening and growth.

Enjoy the reading!!!!!!

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