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Welcome to the April and May Members’ Update.

Eastern Africa Grain Council’s efforts towards promoting  regional cross border trade led to several stakeholder engagements to discuss the challenges experienced in cross border grain trade with the most pressing one being cross border grain trade between Kenya and Ethiopia.

As a result of EAGC’s expansive knowledge and expertise in regional Informal Cross Border Trade in the Eastern Africa region, the Council partnered with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa through the Africa Trade Policy Centre  on a project aimed at enhancing the quality of informal Cross Border Trade (ICBT) along the Abidjan Lagos Corridor where a harmonized methodology for ICBT data collection and other key recommendations will be provided to inform trade and policy decision making within the ECOWAS trading bloc.

The Council continued spearheading Structured Trading Systems that saw facilitation of a Trade Mission to South Africa for members of the National Assemblies of Kenya and Uganda’s parliamentary committees for agriculture. Honorable Members of Parliament got exposure to state of the art technology that will largely contribute to sound      policy development and implementation in their countries following the lessons learnt from the South Africa Grain Trading Ecosystem.

More updates on EAGC interventions with various partners within the Eastern Africa Region and beyond are shared in detail in this members update edition for the months of April and May 2019 which we achieved for you members and this could not have been realized without your support and collaboration.

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