Members update : October 2019 Edition

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Welcome to the October’s member updates.

This month, EAGC has made notable progress pursuant to its vision  of being “the leading voice for the grain industry in Africa” through its four key functions; Structuring grain Trade Systems, provision of market information, trade policy and advocacy work as well as capacity building through the Grain Business Institute with the aim of delivering trade, more trade and better grain trade.

Based on our core mandate to  facilitate efficient,   structured, inclusive and profitable cross-border grain trade for optimal benefits of grain value chain players and the broader economy, EAGC  organized a Grain Trade Mission for the Kenyan EAGC trader and processor members  to Ethiopia. The mission realized, and signed Trade contract agreements amounting to 173,950 MT worth over US$ 99.3 million with Kenyan buyers.

The Grain Business Institute has continuously built the capacity of grain value chain stakeholders to uphold documentation formalities and procedures in an  effort to ensure all documentary formalities are complied with. The institute conducted an International Trade Procedures and Processes that impacted the traders with the international trade demands that they should all be familiar with.

The EAGC policy advocacy  is seeking to have policy changes that promote intra-EAC grain trade, improve  competitiveness of EAC grain  sector entities, and deliver affordable and safe food to  consumers in the EAC. The Council is supporting the push for harmonization of taxes and levies within the EAC member states as some states are facing discriminatory taxes levied by respective member countries on goods that  originate from their  fellow member countries within the region, particularly in excise duties and Value Added Tax.

Please click here for more updates on EAGC interventions through out the month of October that are shared in detail in this members update.

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