Members Update, First Quarter, 2020

Welcome to the Member updates for Quarter 1, 2020.

EAGC continues to pursue its vision of being “the leading voice for the grain industry in Africa” through its four key functions;   Structuring grain Trade Systems, provision of market information, trade policy and advocacy on behalf of members as well as training and capacity building through the Grain Business Institute with the aim of  delivering grain trade.

As part of enhancing value to Members through Trade Facilitation, EAGC is preparing the 3rd Edition of the Grain Trade Business Directory for 2020/2021. The Directory is inspired by the development and launch of the EAGC – G-Soko Grain Trading System and significantly informed by need for business contacts in the grain value chain by Members and other interested stakeholders. The Directory features Members’ company profiles to enhance awareness of their products and services among grain value chain actors and stakeholders in the Eastern Africa region and at a global level. I therefore urge you, dear Member,  to collaborate with us by listing your Company profile in the 3rd EAGC Grain Trade Business Directory 2020/2021.

EAGC’s strides towards the adoption and implementation of the Warehouse Receipt System (WRS) Bill in Kenya has seen the Kenya National Commodity Exchange (KOMEX) extend a special invitation to you, our Member, to subscribe to the equity shareholding of the Commodity Exchange. Members have been invited to  subscribe to the Exchange either as individual members or collectively as EAGC members. The Council has and will continue enlightening the Members on issues pertaining the commodity exchange to influence decision making from an informed point of view.

The ongoing global outbreak of the Covid –19 has already caused significant economic disruption around the world, and is likely to continue to do so for an unprecedented period of time. The pandemic which has now spread in all the ten EAGC Mandate countries in Eastern Africa,  has brought the  grain sector into sharp focus as regional governments enforce safety measures which have  jeopardized food supply chains and the purchasing power of low-income households. EAGC has re-arranged some of its services and interventions and postponed some of its key events till further notice, to comply with government directives.

Please click here for more updates on EAGC interventions through out the month of October that are shared in detail in this members update.

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