Dear Member,

I gladly  take this opportunity to welcome all our new members who joined EAGC in the year 2020.

EAGC has maintained focus in delivering its core mandate and made notable progress pursuant to its  vision  of being “the leading voice for the grain industry in Africa” through its four key functions; Structuring grain Trade Systems, provision of market information, trade policy and advocacy and capacity building through the Grain Business  Institute, with the aim of delivering trade, more trade and better grain trade.

The Covid-19 pandemic led to containment measures that strained food production and supply value chains, causing ripple-effect disruptions  in the market systems and drastic changes in grain trade. EAGC in response,    closely monitored the grain sector developments in the region and regularly provided real time updates to Members in response to new measures, cross-border trade situations and market developments.

In the quest to further structure grain trade amidst the pandemic, EAGC   offered trade facilitation services to Members by securing quality grain   supplies, farm inputs and equipment through the G-Soko and G-Hub Grain Trading Systems. Besides, EAGC offered logistical support for grain trade through pre-qualified service providers and facilitated Members’ access to emergency working capital to ease liquidity constraints affecting  supply.

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