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The Eastern Africa Grain Council  convened its 15th Annual General Meeting on 20th May, 2021. The AGM was conducted virtually in adherence to the Ministry of Health guidelines on the management of COVID-19 in Kenya, and as a precautionary measure to reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

As a membership-driven organization, the Annual General Meeting of EAGC members forms the supreme decision-making organ of the Council. The AGM is convened as per the provision of the EAGC Memorandum and Articles of Association and By-Laws, so as to receive the annual report and to make decisions on EAGC’s strategic direction. Every two years, the AGM also hosts an election of EAGC’s Board of Directors whereby members vote for their representatives on the EAGC Board.

The AGM is the Apex Governance body of EAGC, where the Board of Directors who are representatives of the Members, elected to represent them in the Board report back to the Members. During this meeting, the respective elected Country Directors and the respective Grain Sector representative nominees were presented to the Members.

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