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About Us

The Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) is a membership organization of the grain stakeholders in Eastern Africa. The stakeholders represent the three main sectors of the grain value chain including traders, farmers, and processors.
The aim of EAGC is to support structured grain trade within the Eastern and Southern Africa region. Grains include cereals (maize, wheat, rice, barley,sorghum, millet, and rye), pulses (dry beans, dry peas, dry broad beans, chickpeas, cowpeas, lentils, pigeon peas and other edible seeds of the legume family) and oilseeds such as such as sesame, sunflower and soybean.
EAGC is a regional not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, for the grain value chain actors and stakeholders with a mandate spanning 10 Countries of the Eastern Africa region.
To achieve this, EAGC works closely and in partnership with governments through a fast-growing public-private partnership (PPP) framework in the region. The Council works closely with a number of various development partners and research institutions to deliver its mandate while staying on the cutting edge of technology and innovation.

EAGC has therefore developed a number of interventions and programs targeted at developing regional and national markets for grain commodities. EAGC is  recognized as the “Voice of the Grain Sector” both regionally and internationally.

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