tổng đài vib bank 바이너리 옵션 도박 điểm giao dịch momo đầu tư 2019 mã bảo mật của thẻ mastercard ti giá ngoai tệ

Our Mandate


To advocate for an enabling environment and promote structured grain trade for optimum stakeholder benefits.


To develop, promote, and influence structured grain trading system in the Eastern Africa region with defined rules and regulations.

To improve the policy and trading environment in the regional grain trade, strengthen market linkages and reduce constraints along the grain value chain.


To be the leading voice for the grain industry in Africa.

EAGC Strategic Thrust

  • Regional coverage,
  • Investment in market infrastructure and support institutions,
  • Access to market information,
  • Value chain stakeholders’ capacity,
  • Improved policy and regulatory environment,
  • Strengthening EAGC’s institutional capacity to deliver on her mandate.


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