MIS & Communications

Jacinta M. Mwau
Regional MIS & Communications Manager
Jacinta Mwau joined EAGC on 3rd March 2017. She is responsible for developing and efficiently delivering to the Council members the MIS services including RATIN, Real-time Volume Tracking Systems, RATIN SMS, Regional Food Balance Sheet and all newly developed information systems. Jacinta holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing from Kabarak University. She has previously worked with Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Wanandege Sacco Society Ltd and The Stem Hotel. She is currently pursuing Master of Science in Governance and Leadership.
John Odera Jaoko
Programs Officer – MIS
John joined EAGC on 3rd October 2016. He has coordinated surveys for Twaweza East Africa and participated in a number of studies at the Institute of Climate Change and Adaptation, University of Nairobi. He holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Geography and Economics and Master of Science degree in Environmental Science.
Lynette Muchai
Programs Assistant - MIS
Lynette joined EAGC 1st September 2017. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agribusiness Management and a Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in Development Studies. Lynette has previously worked with Kenya National Farmers Federation (KENAFF), European Cooperative for Rural Development (EUCORD) and Arichem Limited. Lynette is responsible for executing the MIS & Communication strategies and work plans including but not limited to data mining, analysis, packaging and dissemination of marketing information.
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