Structured Trading System (STS)

Samwel Rutto
Regional Manager – Structured Trading Systems (STS)
Samwel is the Regional Manager – Structured Trading Systems which entails promotion of the use of emerging markets such as Warehouse Receipt Systems (WRS) and Commodity Exchanges. He holds a Bachelor of Science-Agriculture from the University of Nairobi and is currently pursuing a Masters in Project Management from the same university.
Fred Simon Otieno
Program Officer – STS
Fred Simon was previously a Field Officer in the North Rift. He holds a First Class Degree Bachelor of Agribusiness Management from Egerton University and a Certificate in CPA 1.
Nelvin Obiero
Program Officer - GSoko Trade Data Analysis
Nelvin was previously a Market Information Systems Officer. He has over five years experience in Project management, Information systems, Communication, Analysis and Research. He has previously worked with Kenya Pipeline Company, Old Mutual Kenya, Journey Interactive Media and CoHuD. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Media Studies specialized in Development Communication and is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Medical Sociology both from The University of Nairobi.
Emmanuella Atito
Program Officer – Trade Facilitation
Emmanuella holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration, specializing in marketing. She has over 5 years working experience in trade, sales and marketing and was previously working with Kenya Tea Packers Limited.
Martha Njogu
Program Officer – G-Soko Trade Desk
Martha holds a degree in Information Technology and has over 10 years working experience is sales and marketing and provision of IT support.
Peter Wanjohi
Program Officer – Technical Advisory Services
Peter holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering (Egerton University). He has previously worked with National Cereals & Produce Board as a Silo and Warehouse Manager, Kenya Agricultural Productivity Project, Cimbria East Africa Limited and Brazafric Enterprises Limited as a Technical Sales Engineer selling various specialized Post-Harvest grain handling equipment in the Region. In addition, Peter is conversant with Health, Safety, and Environment activities in the work place.
Protus Wilson Nyende
Programs Assistant, STS
Protus joined EAGC on 25th January 2017. He has one-year experience in working with the council on Monitoring and Evaluation activities as an intern before joining Structured Trade System (STS) team as a Program Officer. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from Chuka University Kenya. Protus is responsible for providing support on to the STS team.
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