EAGC Pulses Trade Fair 2017

PUBLIC INVITATION Eastern Africa Grain Council is pleased to invite the public (Farmers, Traders, Researchers, Financial &Education Insitutions, etc) to the Inaugural Pulses Fair and Exhibition to be held at the Machakos ATC on 19th January 2017 from 9:00am. The event will also bring together traders and farmers of pulses from different parts of the … Read more


Highlights Market News U.S. Farmers hit by diving wheat, corn prices In about turn, Egypt bans ergot fungus in wheat again Falling rand drives South African corn prices higher China’s HFT criminal case a taste of official post-crash policy Bangladesh turns to Black Sea Region for wheat as India supply fades  Russian Grain Union predicts … Read more

Structured Commodity Trade Finance Training (SCTF)

Structured Commodity Trade involves a process where trading partners (buyers and sellers) are linked through a process that ensures the quality, quantity and safety of the commodity whose origin is in a known warehouse and the delivery logistics is managed to address the counterparty risks of delivery and payment. The structures, risk mitigation and management … Read more

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