Communiqué on the Kenya Post-Budget Synopsis for the 2016/2017 National Budget

On 15th June 2016 at the Intercontinantal Hotel, the Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) in collaboration with Rodl & Partners Kenya hosted the Kenya Post-Budget Synopsis workshop that gathered stakeholders in the grain sector in Kenya to discuss and analyse the Kenya National Budget for the 2016/2017 Financial Year and its implications on the domestic … Read more


Training dates: 1st to 3rd March, 2016 Venue: Nakuru


A structured trading system is where the parties involved engage in a formal, organized, rules based and regulated system providing an opportunity for securing finance at various stages in the value chain. An example of a structured trading system is the Warehouse Receipt System (WRS) whichcoverts grains stored in a certified warehouse as collateral to secure short term lending. It also allows farmers to enhance income by having more flexibility in timing sales to protect against price seasonality.
However, the application of structured trade remains low mainly due to limited opportunities for those in need to actually engage in structured trade financing. Structured trade has the potential of mitigating risks by the application of various risk management instruments embedded in the system.
In order to increase application of structured trade, potential actors require knowledge about the system in order to understand the process, appreciate the risk mitigation measures, learn from case studies where the system is successfully being employed in the region and gain the confidence to engage.

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