Risk Management Mechanisms Towards Structured Grain Trade and Food Security in Eastern and Southern Africa The policy dialogue, attended by over forty (40) key stakeholders from the ESA region, received contributions from delegates representing the private and public sector stakeholders. Further, experiences from other regions such as Europe and the Americas on risk management were … Read more

ATPAF Bulletin IV

Making Public Policy Work for Agricultural Trade in Eastern and Southern Africa In this edition, we explore a number of policy issues that continue to present serious challenges to the grain sector and the entire agriculture and agribusiness sector at large. We revisit the issue of the involvement of Government in agricultural trade, noting that … Read more


Towards Creating an Enabling Environment for Grain Trade in Africa: Technology, Investment, Information, Policy and Services (T.I.I.P.S.) The presence of an enabling environment for grain trade in Africa is a matter of priority as EAGC strives to facilitate efficient, structured, inclusive and profitable grain trade in the region. Therefore, the resolutions of the Summit inform … Read more

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