August Members Update

Dear Member, Welcome to the August member updates. This month, EAGC has made notable progress  pursuant to its vision  of being “the leading voice for the grain industry in  Africa” through its four key functions; Structuring grain Trade Systems, provision of market information, trade policy and advocacy work as well as capacity building through the … Read more


Dear Member, Welcome to the June Members’ Update. The Eastern Africa Grain Council continues to promote structured trading systems across the Eastern and Southern Africa region. For instance during the month of June 2019 the Council facilitated over 454,000 MT trade deals worth over US Dollars 185 Million. Additionally, through the grain trade business hub … Read more


Dear Member, Welcome to the April and May Members’ Update. Eastern Africa Grain Council’s efforts towards promoting  regional cross border trade led to several stakeholder engagements to discuss the challenges experienced in cross border grain trade with the most pressing one being cross border grain trade between Kenya and Ethiopia. As a result of EAGC’s … Read more

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