TERMS OF REFERENCE (TORS) FOR DEVELOPMENT OF DOCUMENTARY & MEDIA┬áPLACEMENT ARTICLES ON APPLICATION OF EAC STAPLE FOOD STANDARDS The Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) seeks the support of a media expert to support in the production of a documentary on the application of the EAC staple foods standards which will be used by the various … Read more


CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE EAGC TRADE FACILITATION GUARANTEE FUND EAGC established a Grain Trade Facilitation Model whose purpose is to enhance regional grain trade where market players- processors and traders within the EAGC membership are linked to a network of suppliers through a backward integration approach. The model is based on the … Read more

Terms of Reference for consultancy services

Terms of Reference for consultancy services to carry out an assessment on the role of ICTs in improving the functions of EAGC RATIN and in particular to support timely information delivery. In order to increase the number of users of the EAGC RATIN and also improve on the access of the data, EAGC with support … Read more

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