EAGC Malawi Update

EAGC meets and explores partnership opportunities with the Program for Rural Irrigation Development (PRIDE)

The Malawi team held a meeting with Ms. Babetti Juwayeyi from the Program for Rural Irrigation Development (PRIDE).

There were 3 areas identified for collaboration EAGC under the program for rural irrigation:

  1. EAGC to identify Off takers
  2. EAGC to facilitate market linkages
  3. EAGC to build the capacity of stakeholders within the program.

The key activities of the project are set to start in 2019.


Country Program Committee Meeting hosted for Q2:

The Country office conducted the CPC meeting on Wednesday 4th July 2018 at the EAGC offices in Lilongwe. The meeting was attended by the Director, Tradeline Corporation and Zekoko farms who are the Committee members of the CPC. A number of issues were discussed aligned to EAGC’s core business including Structured Trading Systems, Capacity building, Market information and policy. Recommendations and actions for the 3rd Quarter of 2018 were also discussed.


Preparation for Trade Mission from Tanzania to Malawi

The Country office continued preparing for the forthcoming Trade Mission scheduled from 24th to 27th July 2018 which will potentially see Tanzanian Rice Millers trading grain with Malawian counterparts.

Delegates from Tanzania will arrive on the 24th, a B2B shall be conducted on the 25th, there shall be visits for different Companies dealing with Rice on the 26th and they will leave for Tanzania on the 27th of July 2018


Progress on Mentorship programme for grain SMEs

Within the week, the Country office made efforts to follow up on mentorship of SMEs. Currently, 6 SMEs have expressed interest to the program and Bleam Trading is one of the SMEs that has finally signed tripartite agreement with Umodzi Consulting for mentorship.

EAGC participated in the Oil Seed Technical Working Group

EAGC is an institutional member of the Oil Seed Technical Working Group (OSTWG) in Malawi. The Group had their quarterly meeting on Thursday 12th July 2018 at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism offices in Lilongwe. Amongst other key subjects, the meeting focused on progress of simplifying export procedures, Skills gap project which is being coordinated by Umodzi Consulting, Agribusiness Acceleration project facilitated by African Institute of Corporate Citizenship and progress on irrigation project implemented by the Government under the Ministry of Agriculture.

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