EAGC Rwanda Weekly Update

Grain stakeholders in Rwanda met to discuss grain quality

EAGC Rwanda team and an organizing committee made up of representatives from the MINAGRI, two main buyers, one Mulindi grain trader, and met and discussed on how to fix the issue raised by many stakeholders in Rwanda on low quality of the grains sold at the Mulindi grain market.

After discussions, recommendations were made to intensify trainings and awareness creation on quality and standards among traders in the market, establish regular inspection services at the market place and create a platform where stakeholders in that matter would discuss and try to find solutions to structure the market.

EAGC exhibited at the 13th MINAGRI Agri Show

The Rwanda country team participated in the MINAGRI’s AgriShow. The Agrishow is an annual event organized by the ministry to showcase innovations and best practices in agriculture sector. This year the event took place from 25th June to 3rd July and more than 30,000 people visited stands especially farmers’ cooperatives that came to learn from others and see what is required on the market for them to produce quality products.

EAGC was represented and 500 farmers’ guide booklets were distributed to stakeholders who thanked EAGC for the efforts made to create such awareness among farmers. They witnessed that time had come for them to produce for the markets; hence they needed to know its requirements, saying that now they are able to sell at better prices thanks to EAGC.

Quality Check Visit to Mulindi traders

The EAGC Rwanda team visited Mulindi market for quality checks following the meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture and some traders. During the visit, the team was able to advise some traders on proper storage to reduce Post Harvest Losses and maintain grain quality. The team also met with the trader's president; Mr. James to discuss further controls and checks for traders to ensure minimum Post-harvest losses and promote grain quality in Mulindi market.

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