EAGC South Sudan Weekly Update

High Prevailing Food prices

Food prices remained high in Juba though the central bank still sells the United States Dollar at 134.829. The current increase of the prices of food and non food items is attributed to the scarcity of the USD within Juba coupled with the crackdown by public security on the black market money exchangers. No more money exchangers can be seen on the streets of Juba as previously. This crackdown has however increased the USD to SSP rates further at the black market which is a last resort source of the USD for some businesses in South Sudan.

Other factors contributing to price increase includes; insecurity along roads around Juba and the onset of the rain season which has made some roads impassable.

The South Sudan activities which are mainly meetings have been affected by the delay in sending of the ID and business cards. Attempted visits turned disappointing since most of the partners have put in strict rules on security and other partners by the virtue of their location cannot be reached without an Identity card.

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