EAGC – Tanzania Weekly update

Warehouse Inspection, Certification and Gsoko training

EAGC staff in Tanzania were trained on the inspection and certification process of warehouses as per the EAGC criteria.

EAGC has been carrying out warehouse inspection services for members and non-members in the Eastern Africa Region. The inspection process is key as it enables both EAGC and the warehouse operators to establish the condition of the storage units that hold grains and grain commodities to ensure that grain quality does not deteriorate and the grain will be tradable and fit for human consumption when the trading season begins.

The team was trained on the initial steps that are required for inspection and the importance of each step as well as the process involved in close monitoring of the warehouse even after the inspection and certification process.

The team identified the gaps in the previous inspection activities that they had conducted in the past and also shared their experiences from the field. They brainstormed around some of the issues and challenges faced during such activities including the fees structure and offering value for money for EAGC members through such initiatives to ensure more grain trade and other opportunities through EAGC warehouse certification.

Pulses meeting in Babati, Manyara

The EAGC Graduate intern in Arusha , Tully Barden was joined by the Terry Ikunda the Country Program Manager for a pulses meeting organized by Rikolto in Babati Manyara. The agenda of the meeting was to visit and offer capacity assessment of the organizations that would be awarded specific grants in the Pulses Manyara project. This assessment was done by the Project Management Unit (PMU) .The Organizations visited Quality Food products QFP, and Bajwa Farmers . These organizations will be supported by a grant to work directly with farmers through training the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in the production of pulses.The project will offer support to farmers to access quality seeds and other important inputs as well as a source of market for the pulses that they would produce. EAGC will be facilitating market linkages for the Pulses sector through the Tanzania Pulses Network and will work with Rikolto to tap into markets in the region and beyond through this project. EAGC further aims at stimulating the sector and encouraging farmers to continue producing pulses for alternative markets besides the Indian market.
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