For the schedule of Meetings and other events, see the list below.
Business to Business meeting24th January 2018EldoretKenyaForum
Business to Business meeting25th January 2018NakuruKenyaForum
HST stakeholders meeting30th January 2018NairobiKenyaMeeting
Market linkage meetings5th - 9th February 2018Kitui/Tharaka and EmbuKenyaMeeting
Grain stakeholders meetings9th February 2018MeruKenyaMeeting
Grain stakeholders meetings23rd February 2018MakueniKenyaMeeting
Fumigation training 27th February 2018 - 1st march 2018TBCKenyaTraining
members meeting22nd March 2018MombasaKenyaMeeting
Grain quality and standards training11th - 13th April 2018TBCKenyatraining
structured commodity trade financing training20th - 23rd April 2018TBCKenyatraining
SME training on marketing and innovative grain trading8th - 10th May 2018NairobiKenyatraining
SME training on organizational development and group dynamics15th - 17th May 2018Eldoret/NakuruKenyaTraining
Warehouse operations management16th - 18th May 2018TBCKenyaEvent
post harvest handling and management13th - 15th June 2018TBCKenyaEvent
marketing and innovation grain trade16th - 18th July 2018TBCKenyaEvent
EAGC members meeting20th July 2018NairobiKenyaMeeting
EAGC annual agribusiness Expo16th - 17th August 2018KitaleKenyaEvent
Warehouse receipting system training18th - 20th September 2018TBCKenyatraining
3rd pulse expo4th October 2018MeruKenyaEvent
Agribusiness financing and risk management training23rd - 25th October 2018TBCKenyatraining
EAGC membership meeting23rd November 2018NairobiKenyameeting
Web 2.0 and social media3rd - 7th December 2018TBCKenyaForum
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