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Benefits of Membership

EAGC services will include but not limited to the following;

  • Conducive environment for the public and private  sector to work together
  • Timely and Accurate Market Information
  • Standardized grain trading contracts
  • Quick arbitration dispute settlement
  • Warehouse inspection and certification
  • Promotion of the development of a Commodity Exchange

The members’ benefits will include among others:

  • Representation in forums, through advocacy and lobbying actions on key issues.
  • Networking with different stakeholders of the industry.
  • Trade linkage and expanded markets
  • Up to date market prices and volumes data
  • Unlimited access to the council’s website which offer interactive online activities and development information within the grain industry.
  • Receive quarterly newsletters and monthly bulletins
  • Provision of standard contract terms among participating stakeholders.
  • Arbitration services tailored to the grain industry, which will provide a speedy settlement to disputes at reduced costs.
  • Availability of financial services such as collateral financing through a standardized approach to warehouse suitability expressed through warehouse certification and commodity care.
  • Discount to EAGC hosted conferences, training, workshops among other activities
  • Exposure to available training and learning opportunities with collaborating and partners projects, plus research information.
  • Information and exposure to new technologies.
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