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Membership Categories

Membership has three categories of Active, Affiliated, and Associated. Members also register under any or all of the following groups: (1) Grain Producer (2) Grain Trader; and (3) Grain Processor. EAGC is founded, held in trust, and governed by the Active and Affiliated Members and all services are focused on their needs and requirements. Members and the BOARD can add or change categories through a constitutional amendment approved through an agreed constitutional process.

Active Members : Members who join as individual companies, cooperatives, associations, or other types of representative organizations from the three core grain sub-sectors; grain producers, traders and processors. These members have voting rights, representational privileges, and access to all services of the Council.
Affiliated Members: Key associations that represent one or more recognized grain sub-sectors (producers, traders and processors) at the national level. Each organization shall have the right to one vote representing its members’ views. Registered active and affiliate members are afforded equal status and equal voice regardless of size, type, and sector.

  • The Association as a single unit has the same rights and access to services as an Active Member, but members of these associations must join the Council directly as Active Members in order to benefit from the full range of EAGC services.
  • As an alternative, members of these associations may choose to join the EAGC as a Recorded Affiliate . As a Recorded Affiliate the organization may register their contracts with the EAGC and thereby build up a history with the EAGC. However a Recorded Affiliate has no voting rights or the right to discounted member service costs (such as reduced arbitration fees due to registered contracts; arbitration registration cost would be based as a non member) or other EAGC member services.

Associated Members . This is a broad member base which includes allied industries, service providers, international organizations and interested individuals who operate within and outside the Council area of operation. Although services are not focused on Associate Members, nor are they involved in the governance process, Associate Members are strongly encouraged to participate in EAGC activities, and lend active technical and other support to EAGC programs and services. They have access to websites and news information and may enjoy event discounts at the discretion of the BOARD.

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