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How To Become A Member

Online membership application can be done HERE. The EAGC Board of Directors has discretionary authority to review membership applications and determine eligibility and appropriateness of applicants based on agreed criteria. No applicant who has an arbitration ruling outstanding is accepted as a member.
At appropriate intervals a list of applicants is disseminated to Council members; at which time they have 15 days to lodge in writing to the Board any objections to an application. The Board may consider an objection in their application approval process but has authority to make the final decision.

Membership Fees

  1. All members, regardless of category (Recorded Affiliate is an exception), pay a one-time registration fee and a subscription fee. Fee rates are based on membership category.
  2. EAGC offers members an option of a one-year or a five-year annual subscription plan. The five-year plan provides a 20% discount. All fees and subscriptions are determined and approved by the Board. The Board maintains the right to adjust registration fees, and the annual and
  3. 5-year subscription rates, at its discretion and shall inform members within two weeks of such adjustments. Fee and rate adjustments do not affect members in good standing and only apply to new members and to member subscriptions at time of one-year or five-year renewals.
  4. A member’s one-year or five-year subscription period commences on the date that annual subscription fees (and registration fee in the case of new members) are received.
  5. Upon registration, the member is given a membership number, a certificate of membership and copies of Council operating documents including but not limited to the following: the Bylaws, EAGC operation manual including the standard terms of trade, arbitration procedures, and template contract forms.

EAGC Bylaws & Regulations

These Bylaws and Regulations constitute an agreement between EAGC and its members. Each member agrees to be bound by these Bylaws and Regulations and any amendments thereto, and by the lawful action of the Board of Directors, or voting members of the Council.

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